Contract Manufacturing

When national brands look for contract paper manufacturers and paper converters, they go to companies they trust for their quality, discretion, integrity, and reliability. The contract paper manufacturer consumers trust seek out Retung to meet capacity requirements, handle new trials, or for purely logistical purposes.

Below is a typical contract manufacturing service process:

  • 1Communication

  • 2Confirmation

  • 3Manufacturing

  • 4Delivery

Private Label

At Retung, we offer end-to-end services that help Private Label clients establish or extend their own unique brand, including product design and packaging, manufacturing and logistics. Our manufacturing facilities offer fully paper tissue line which includes toilet paper, paper towel, napkin and facial tissue. From production and converting, we can meet our customers’ exact specifications and needs every time. Retung is happy to offer low minimum packaging commitments, various sheet sizes and counts, and specialty items. Whatever your need, we’ll make it happen.

  • 1Consult our representative

  • 2Pick your product line

  • 3Confirm Sample

  • 4Confirm Packaging

  • 5Sign Contract

  • 6Start Production

  • 7Final Inspection

  • 8Delivery