1What is bamboo pulp fiber?
Bamboo fiber is a kind of fiber material which is different from straw pulp and hardwood pulp (such as eucalyptus). Under the electron microscope, the cross section of bamboo fiber can be seen deformed and covered with an aperture similar to an ellipse, which is hollow, having the ability to absorb and evaporate moisture in an instant. 
2Why does the same paper feel different in texture from the first time I purchased?
Retung adopts natural and healthy natural fermentation and does not add any harmful chemicals, so the pulp can be affected by raw material growth environment, the temperature of the bath and the fermentation time, which causes some differences in different batches of products. 
3What are the advantages of bamboo fiber paper?
a. Healthier without bleaching: the production process does not include bleaching, the original color is preserved.b. More environmentally friendly: the natural bamboo pulp is non-polluting, the paper is hygienic and comfortable, and the rapid regeneration is more environmentally friendly.c. Safer: No carcinogen residue, no fluorescent agent, and can be used with confidence.
4What is dioxin?
Dioxins, also known as dioxins, are colorless, odorless, and highly toxic fat-soluble substances that are very easy to accumulate in living organisms and are very harmful to humans.
5What are the advantages of Retung?
a. During the whole production process, there is no bleaching, no dioxin, no dust. b. Retung offers professional photo shoot for retailers and reacts quickly to post-sales issues.
6Why are Retung products light yellow?
Because it is the original color of the fiber. It eliminates the process of bleaching the fiber in the process of recycling the carton, retaining the high-quality natural fiber, which does not affect our use, but also minimizes the discharge of sewage and exhaust gas. Protect our planet.
7Is Retung recycled paper safe and sanitary?
The raw material is selected from food-grade milk beverage paper packaging. The outer layer of plastic is separated by a unique technique, extracting high-quality papermaking fiber of the intermediate layer, and then washed, concentrated, and pressure-filtered again. In the production process, the paper is treated with high temperature and high dryness, no fluorescent agent is added, and the strict quality inspection procedure is adopted to ensure the product is safe and hygienic, and the quality is excellent, so that it can be used with confidence.
8What are the hidden risks of using white papers?
Paper towels might retain harmful chemical residues such as dioxins during bleaching. Dioxins are colorless, odorless, and extremely toxic. They accumulate in the human body and can cause fetal dysplasia, gynecological diseases, heart failure, and cancer.
9Why doesn't the paper towel "pack up"?
To ensure the paper towel is soft and skin-friendly, we use a 10 million-level automatic large-scale production equipment to manufacture. The film design is just right for the paper towel, so it won't be bulging. Using small machines can make papers look great, but the paper is easy to layer and rough. 
10What is your delivery time?
Our delivery time is 72 hours. Due to the express weight limit, your package may be shipped separately, which results in goods not arriving at the same time. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.
11Why is your packaging different each time?
Due to the different production batches, the product packaging details are slightly different, but the quality execution standards remain the same.
12Why is there a smell on the paper towel?
Retung paper towel is made of natural bamboo pulp without any harmful chemical addition. The paper towel retains the fragrance of natural bamboo pulp.
13Why are the colors different from different time of purchase?
Retung does not deliberately changed the color of the paper towel by means of chemical addition. The color of the paper towel represents the natural color of the seasonal bamboo pulp.
14Why are paper towels that are not bleached more expensive?
Retung paper towel uses natural bamboo pulp as raw material, using the integrated technology of pulp and paper, from the cleaning of raw materials to the control of cooking coefficient of pulp, sterilization, etc., so the product can achieve no dioxin, no dust and no shaving. Retung paper has passed the food-grade testing in China and Europe. Generally, white paper imports bleached wood pulp from abroad, and the cost is low, the wood pulp papermaking process is mature, and the production cost is low.